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 Hello again! Stay warm my friends! And if your home is near my home, you're going to need some ear muffs and a scarf!

 Well, some time has passed since I wrote my story. I feel it's about a year since my family and friends started acting a little different.  You would never believe how many hugs I've had just in the last couple of weeks!  More and more people are wearing my green shirt  I guess it's time I face the truth. I am now famous.


I'm really not sure how it happened but I love the human attention. Patch told me that he thinks it's him on the green shirt!  He made this comment with such excitement... I didnt have the heart to break it to him..that is he NEVER required a pink bucket.  Maybe a pair of eye glasses (he refused to wear them) but NOT a pink bucket. Well, that's ok I'll let him believe it... like I said in my official story, Patch is my very best friend and if he's happy we're all happy.

 Photo by Misty Hammond Photography


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