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Trooper, The Three Legged Miracle Deer


Hello!   My name is Trooper and I'm a white tail deer from Knox County Ohio!  My life had a rough start but with a whole lot of love from my Mommy and Daddy.....and many, many more friends, I'm here today!!



That's my baby picture!

You may be wondering..why am I in a pink bucket. Well, let me tell you what happened. 

I was just born. I was on a farm hidden very deep in the grass and no one could see me!  That's when it started. A sickle mower ran over me and took one of my legs.

I don't remember much since I was just a baby.  But I heard it was really bad...

That's when I met Carol and Andy!   My human Mommy and Daddy!

When Carol saw what happened, she quickly called a government state department to find out what to do. She talked to a really, really nice lady......who told her there's no rehabilitation facilities or places to take injured fawns in Ohio, but to use a cleaned piece of horses tail and sew him up!


And that's what Carol did! She sewed me up and cleaned me up over and over I wouldnt get an infection.



AND that is how I got in the pink bucket.


They moved me around in the bucket. I even rode in the car!


I wanted to live! And to walk! And that is what I did. It wasn't easy at first, but it didn't take long before I could run!

With help from my human family and the One who created me, I grew strong.


I got my name because, "I'm a Trooper."  One of my visitors even told me that I'm a courageous survivor!  Wow!

...some even call me Troop!



As a little fawn, I had many visitors! And since they love me so much, they still come to visit!


I like to sneak up to you quickly and give kisses by surprise!


Here I surprised Mommy while she was reading a story!

                                                     Daddy! I love you!


And... I play Peek-A-Boo!       ...and   Hide-N-Seek.


               Here you see that Teresa found me!               I get to see a Dr. regularly!   

       I've never had a disease!                                                                 I have my own barn and field!  

There's also a pond!


I could never be put in the wild like other deer.  In the wild forest, I would die.  I can run, but not as fast as the wild deer


Also, I was "fixed" and will never grow antler's.  Besides, I've never been wild.  

I'm tame and love people.

Later, another little fawn was brought to Carol after his deer Mommy got hit by a car.  He was left to die and no one thought he would live, but he did!! His name is Patch.


I am so glad Patch survived because he is my best friend!  In fact, he is my best friend for life!



Patch has trouble seeing things. He is a bit blind and has ran into walls, but he's ok!  He likes to run and play in the field on the farm too! Above is Patch and our duck, Donald!



Now......let me introduce you to my friends Sasha, Bandi, Otis and Maria.




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