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Trooper, Patch and Friends


Trooper lost his leg at only a few days old due to a sickle bar mower.
His new Family saw how much will he had to live and decided to
give him a chance instead of ending the life he had just begun.
His new mommy, a retired vet tech, stitched his wound up with
horse mane and started him on antibiotics. Trooper made a fast ...
recovery and was running around on three legs in no time. He was
surprisingly fast for only having 3 legs. Trooper is now full grown
and has a buddy, also rescued, named Patch, to share his large
outdoor pen with. Patch was brought to the farm by someone who
said they had found him under their car at their house. Patch was
very malnourished and needed lots of TLC to recover. Trooper and
Patch are best friends and love playing with each other and their horse
friends on the other side of the fence.  After a year of fighting the ODNR, just shortly the day in court, The ODNR backed down. Life won! 


Although Trooper, Patch and friends are safe, many are not.  The Saving Trooper Group is committed to see laws in Ohio changed in order to provide protection for the caregiver and the animals.

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