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Saving Trooper and Friends


The Trooper Story


The Trooper Story is complete. The story is a narrative by Trooper as he may see things in his world.  Pictures are included as Trooper talks about his life beginning on Carol's farm in the field when the accident occurred. It was at that time, Trooper, a fawn was run over by a sickle mower.  Trooper continues to share highlights with his family and friends. 

These Raccoons Love to be Held!


Their raccoon Mommy had them in a storm drain and it rained. They nearly drowned.  Carol was called to rescue them.  They were so tiny and in so much trouble!  There are no rescue programs in Ohio for raccoons either. They survived and are living happily on the farm!



They love people too!  They are tame and cannot live in the wild forest like other raccoons, but they have NO complaints.  Would you believe these raccoons have their own gymnasium and a swimming pool? And fresh fruit anytime they please.

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